Missing the cow

When did that cow appear? I've seen this picture probably a hundred times now but I've missed the cow in the background every time.  I had to of seen the cow, but just never gave much notice to her. She was easily over looked when my focus was somewhere else. Sometimes I wonder how many details I have over looked in my life.  Even worse, how many people have I overlooked? 

Recently I have seen the consequences of being so busy that it is easy to overlook "small" details. My plate can be so full that I forget meetings, engagements, or even the people in my life. The thing is though, I haven't found a perfect solution to this yet. Maybe I should slow down and be more observant. Or maybe I should drop a few commitments from my plate. But, what do you do when neither of these ideas are a practical option. 

We are people who live in different seasons. So yes, I can lighten up my schedule at different times, but what about right now? Well, I'm learning to start with being humble. I mean really humble, and not the "woe is me" kind. I've stepped on some toes with my lack of seeing details, and I've caused offense by not having adequate time to give to every person.  I once heard someone say "it's not about being right, but responding right". Was I right in what I was doing? Well, definitely not always, but that's not the focus.  It's more about how do I respond now.

My response is to go low. My response is to genuinely say, "I was wrong". My response is to give grace as well. I'm bound to make mistake. So are others. I'm bound to let people down. I'll be let down from time to time too. It's about what comes after missing the cow, though. Pride can be my greatest enemy at times. Pride hinders restoration, peaceful living, and freedom to just be. So choose humility. Choose going low--whether you are the offender or one being offended. It will be worth the risk.

And next time you just might not miss the cow at all. 

Source: jmandcompany.com/blog/missingthecow